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Terms of service

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Warranty Disclaimer

As stated in this document; “Service Agreement” you hereby agree that you are fully aware of and intend to comply with the following disclaimer of warranty; all products and services purchased from Pullera Media to include to the fullest extent all images, text, codes, and any and all other products or services were purchased “as is” and without any expressed or implied warranty of any kind. Pullera Media hereby disclaims all warranties of suitability for a specific purpose, infringement on the intellectual property or proprietary rights of any third party, ability to obtain copyright, trademarks or similar protection in any jurisdiction, or loss of use due to changes in technology.

Limitations of Liability

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Portfolio Permissions 

In accordance with this document; “Service Agreement” you hereby grant Pullera Media a royalty-free right to use for promotional purposes any products purchased from Pullera Media through its website or other means. Including but not limited to any trademarks present or used in the creation and execution of your products or services.


Once you have received your finalized product or service from Pullera Media and have made payment in full, you will retain full rights to the products or services; said products are subject to the “Warranty Disclaimer”, “Portfolio Permissions” and “Limitations of Liability” as stated and agreed to in this document; “Service Agreement”, Pullera Media will also retain the rights to any un-purchased or rejected designs, concepts, products or services.  


Pullera Media reserves the right to terminate our services at any time and for any reason. “The Client” as described in this document “Service Agreement” may decide to terminate the contract at any time and for any reason and may retain full ownership with payment in full. Amounts paid prior to termination are considered to be payments for services rendered and completed and are non-refundable. All payments to Pullera Media are 100% non-refundable after 7 days.

Terms of Action

In accordance with this document; “Service Agreement”, you agree that you will not hold Pullera Media accountable and to take no action that would result in loss of capital, damages, costs, expenses, or inherit liability of any kind; including any fees arising from a third party claim or demand due to infringement or violation on any intellectual property or proprietary right of that third party from products or services acquired through Pullera Media in use after purchase.